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CPI INVESTIGATIONS is a licensed, bonded and insured Detective Agency, in and New York and New Jersey. It is owned and operated by retired law enforcement professionals who are experts in polygraph examinations, investigations, and surveillance. We offer a variety of skillful and discreetly managed programs for individuals, companies, and organizations. Please review our full list of services.

Our Mission

Our mission quite simply is to exceed your expectations through our acumen and professional approach. We are firmly committed to integrity, discretion, and diligence in all the services we provide to you without compromising our high standards regardless of the conditions.


President - Judd Bank

Judd Bank is a former Detective Investigator with the Queens, NY District Attorney's Office. During his service, he was Chief Polygraph Expert, conducting hundreds of examinations.

After leaving government service, Judd continued to conduct investigations and polygraph examinations for private attorneys and corporations including the Legal Aid Society and The New York Department of Probation. He lectured for the Queens Bar Association and served as an expert witness on behalf of NBC Evening News with regard to the Amadu Diallo investigation.

Several court television programs have sought Judd's expertise as a polygraph expert and examiner. He even trained Robert DeNiro, serving as his personal polygraph instructor, for the filming of "Meet the Parents." More recently, Judd conducted the polygraph examination of Victoria Gotti where she discusses in her October 11, 2009, interview with Geraldo Rivera. Most recently Mr. Bank will be on an episode of VICELAND JAKE LOVES MOVIES which premieres in March of 2018

Judd has a B.S. in psychology from Brooklyn College and is a licensed Private Detective in New York. He is a full member of the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists.


       Vice President - Esaun Pinto

Esaun Pinto is a celebrated consultant for fox news on the subjects of investigation and fraud. He has worked closely with some of the most prestigious New York Attorney's on high profile cases and has gained their respect and admiration.Esaun has focused on investigations and security for over twenty years. He has vast experiences in this industry and has been in a supervisory capacity for most of his career, as well as a highly respected bodyguard supervisor. His understanding of the city's nightlife and its' hotel industry has brought us great credibility and much client appreciation. He has been sought out to personally manage customized protective services for popular celebrities and high-level executives. These assignments may include high-risk situations as well as cross country and overseas travel.

    We offer a truly dedicated staff of experienced and dedicated individuals who are properly managed for your safety and peace of mind. Call him today at....212 822-3424. 


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