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…Do you suspect your partner is cheating? Do you feel that you are being lied to? Let's find out the truth and eliminate the doubt and pain. 

Do you suspect your spouse of cheating on you?
Are you worrying about extra marital affairs?
Do you feel something is not right but you are unsure?
Has your significant other, or spouse become distant?
Is he/she working late on a regular basis?
When your spouse or significant other comes home, is he/she smelling better from the time they left home?
Maybe your spouse has moved out of the house with no explanation?
Is your husband bringing home more than just lipstick on his collar?
Are you concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted disease?

Unfortunately, these days, cheating partners are all too common.
We have conducted investigations for over 25+ years, performing surveillance and using the most up to date surveillance equipment and with the most highly skilled operatives.
Our investigators will assist you in gathering detailed information about your significant other.
Surveillance will be initiated from a time and location selected during our initial consultation.
We will obtain video evidence wherever necessary. We will not reveal who we work for under any circumstance.
We will then receive a verbal update as to where they went, who they met, and what they did together. Total confidentiality is always maintained.
We will identify who the other person is and obtain information about them.
Finally, a report and video will be sent directly to you at a secure address after completion of the entire case.
Our reports are unbiased and can be used in court. We will testify whenever necessary.


End the discord! Let the truth set you FREE!



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