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Date: 3/19/2018 12:02 AM UTC

How To Extract and Utilize Evidence from Your Spouse’s Computer.  In A Divorce If you are about to file for divorce, or if you are in the discovery stage, your spouse’s computer may hold valuable information, even actual evidence that could tip the scales of justice in your favor.

Although you must verify the law in your state with your attorney, the courts have generally held that if there is a computer or computers in the family home, both partners have the right to access the information contained therein. This does not mean you can install spyware or a keystroke logger to “live” monitor their activities. That’s another subject for another day.  You can review everything contained on that computer, for your use as potential evidence in your case. Just as you could review all the documents in a file cabinet, the courts have said that you can review everything that is stored on the computer.

Of course, the easiest way to do this would be to sit down at the PC and start looking.  What happens if the computer or certain programs are guarded by a password? What if you don’t know what to look for, or how to preserve the evidence?  What will you do if you erase something accidentally?
How do you get it in a usable form to your lawyer?

This is where we can help. Our technicians will meet you at your home, and bring the necessary equipment to copy even the largest hard-drive, in a relatively short amount of time. It doesn’t matter if the PC has a password or not. We will extract all the data stored on the hard-drive(s) and bring it to our forensic computer laboratory. In our Clean Room, our technicians will be able to recover even deleted data and bring it all back to life for you to see.

After the data has been parsed (organized and segmented) it will be copied onto an outboard drive that is password protected, and then it is presented to you. Simply plug the drive into a USB port on your computer, and all of the contents, even the deleted stuff, is organized for your review.

Using just your computer mouse, you can review everything at your leisure; emails, messages, web browser history, Word documents, financial information, spreadsheets, photographs, videos.....everything. Remember, even deleted data will be there, and that is often the most telling.

You can alternatively provide your attorney with the outboard hard-drive, and they can review the information for you.

Either way, any pertinent information can easily be copied, emailed, or printed for your attorney to use.

 Assets are often the most desirable information, but evidence of; money laundering, extramarital affairs, illegal activities, and even child pornography have been recovered from so called “family computers.

The value of recovering this information depends on your case, the people involved, and what sort of illicit activities are being alleged. We recommend that you speak to your legal counsel before proceeding. However, with the “blessing” of your lawyer, this could be the most cost effective way to obtain the evidence that you need in negotiations or litigation. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you have regarding data recovery and extraction.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Prusan
Consultant for CPI Investigations
President of Corporate Defense Strategies

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Date: 3/12/2018 12:23 AM UTC

Businesswoman connected tech devices and icons applications with


Now that you know digital cell phones are not beyond being bugged/tapped/hacked, how does it happen?

There are dozens of companies, most are based outside of the US, that sell a type of software that can surreptitiously be installed as a Trojan Horse Virus, on your cell phone that turns it into your worst enemy.

Whether you use an iPhone, swear by Android, you still have an old Blackberry that you can’t bear to part with, or if you use a Microsoft-based phone - the spy software works on all of them.

The software works like all Trojan Horse viruses, it buries itself where it can’t be found, and corrupts the system, bypassing all of the safeguards that the manufacturer has in place. Instead of blocking various eavesdropping commands, it accepts them.

The person spying on you can:

Use the camera to see what you are doing.
Use the built-in GPS to track your location, and anywhere you go.
Use the phone’s microphone to listen in to the sounds and conversation around you.
Eavesdrop on all of your cellular telephone calls.
Snoop through your call history, look at all of your stored photos, read all of your text messages and email; including Snap Chat, Vybr, What’s App, and all SMS and MMS texting apps.

Are you scared yet? You should be, as this all comes at a price of only about $100. a month!

Think of all of the information about you that is stored, or is run through your cell phone. Everything? Your whole life is in there.

Your contacts, emails, texts, calendar, documents, photos and videos, itinerary, your personal thoughts, conversations, jokes, flirtations, are all easily viewed by your eavesdropper.

If you are discussing negotiations with your attorney, and someone has put this software on your phone, the other side will know how much you will pay or how high you will go. Can you imagine what that is worth to your ex, your adversary or your opponent?

Of course, monitoring your cell phone without your express permission and knowledge is illegal, but that won’t stop everybody from doing it. The value of your information may make it worth the risk for some.

The good news is that most of the software being sold out there requires the eavesdropper to have physical possession of your phone, but only for about five minutes. So it is unlikely that someone outside of your home and work environment will be able to randomly get hold of your phone,

If you are having marital problems, you might want to keep your cell phone with you, even when you go in the shower....

If your phone starts acting strangely, is warm to the touch despite the fact that you haven’t been using it, if typing or switching programs becomes a slow task, give us a call. We can help you by determining if your phone has been bugged, if there is a virus downloaded into your operating system. We can provide you with a forensic report that can be used to litigate and/or prosecute your eavesdropper. We will also remove the Trojan Horse Virus, and return your phone in good operating condition.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Prusan
Consultant for CPI Investigations
President of Corporate Defense Strategies


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Date: 3/5/2018 12:36 AM UTC


At some point in life, everyone is a victim of a lie. It may include romantic relationships, business transactions, political behavior and/or criminal misrepresentation.

I would like to share my 35 years of experience in recognizing deceptive behavior, first as a Detective and Chief Polygraph Examiner for the Queens District Attorney’s Office, and then as the CEO of CPI Investigations where I conduct Investigations and polygraph for the New York Department of Probation, Legal Aid Department, armored car companies, corporations and prominent private defense attorneys. In this article, I will discuss certain techniques that will enable you to spot a liar from a mile away.

There are two main techniques in detecting deception without the use of a polygraph instrument.  They are observing body language and asking open-ended questions, in order to evaluate the answers. 


A Polygraph Examiner uses his instrument to determine changes in breathing, perspiration and heart rate.  When a person is lying, his/her body goes into a fight or flight response which results in changes in the above three indices. Certain changes in a person’s baseline can be detected without the use of a polygraph.


You will notice this by a person touching or scratching his or her nose. The most famous example of this is when former President, Bill Clinton touched his nose when he denied his affair with Monica Lewinsky in his Grand Jury Testimony.


When individuals lie, they tend to perspire more. This could be detected by sweaty palms or increased perspiration on face or body.


When people lie, often their speech rate increases or decreases. There is also a change in their breathing rate.


This is harder to detect, however, it can be done.  For example, when I was in the police academy, one of our instructors said that when he would approach a person in a suspicious situation, he would say “take it easy” while he lightly placed his hand over the suspect’s heart to see if it was beating fast.  This was a very creative way to determine an increase in someone’s heart rate.


Micro expressions are expressions on a subject’s face that reveal the person’s true emotions.  When a person lies, his or her observable micro expression will be one of emotional distress.


People will avert their gaze, when they are lying.  It is important to realize that none of these techniques are 100 percent accurate in detecting lies.  For instance, you need to keep sociological studies in mind.  In japan, a person looking you in the eyes is a sign of disrespect, especially if the person is woman.


No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar
Abraham Lincoln

A savvy person or interviewer can reveal holes in anybody’s story. 


“Close-ended questions are those which can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no,” while open-ended questions are those which require more thought and more than a simple one-word answer.”  Asking open-ended questions force a liar to expand their story and keep talking until they entrap themselves.


A deceptive person will try to anticipate your questioning, so ask them surprise questions to throw them off guard.


George Harrison once wrote a Beatles song called I, Me, Mine. These words are important in detecting lies because a liar will try to distance themselves from the lie by not saying the words, I, Me, Mine, so much.


It is difficult for a liar to remember the details of their story.  When you ask them to recite it in reverse you will note discrepancies.  


When you ask a question, a liar may need time to process the information to formulate an appropriate lie.  This may cause hesitation in the person’s answer.


You must pay attention to the way a person says no.  As person trying to deceive you will answer no and close their eyes or answer no and look in a different direction.


If you have ever seen an episode of Columbo, you’ll notice that Columbo will always have a follow up question.  As he leaves the premise he will always say "just one more thing that bothers me."  If you are unclear of a person’s answer, ask a follow up question.

Remember, try to be empathetic and develop a rapport with the person you suspect may be lying. It’s not so important to be a good listener.  You have to be adept at observing and spotting the signs of non-verbal behavior and the inconsistencies in a person’s story. You must use both techniques because making a determination on just one will allow too many false positives.

Hopefully these human lie detector skills will help you in life by giving you the ability to spot lies.

About the Author:

Judd Bank is the CEO of CPI Investigations. 
He’s been a prominent polygraph examiner,
and investigator for the past 35 years.  He was 
the former Chief Polygraph Examiner for
the Queens District Attorney’s office.

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Date: 3/2/2018 10:17 PM UTC


Are you one of those people that still believe that since cell phones went digital over 10 years ago, all of your calls are private and confidential?

They are not. In fact, your cell phone is more vulnerable than ever. Let me explain.

If you are worried about the government, you need more help than we can give you. Law Enforcement agencies can simply get a court order signed by a judge, and they will be able to tap your cell phone, office phone, and home phone with impunity. It is against the law to tamper with or remove a law enforcement (Title III) wire tap, so as I said, there isn’t anything that we can do for you.

However, the more common type of cell phone bugging is done by private individuals. It could be a jealous spouse, competitor, or you may be targeted because your information has a lot of value to someone. For example; union negotiators, high net worth individuals, stock traders involved with initial public offerings, etc., have very valuable information. Oftentimes, someone will pay a lot of money to uncover what you know…

Although not definitive, if your cell phone has suddenly become very slow, if it looks like it is running when you are not using it, if the battery is very warm without it being used, there is a good chance that someone is monitoring/tapping your cell phone.

The only solution is to bring your cell phone to a security/investigations professional that has the type of equipment, education, and training to detect and remove cell phone taps. Our laboratory is staffed with individuals who are experts at cell phone eavesdropping…and other types of eavesdropping detection.

Our laboratory can detect the phone tap, preserve evidence of its use on your phone, and safely remove it. If we determine that your cell phone is tapped, you should take other measures to assure your privacy and confidentiality, as well. You may want to sweep your office and home, and even check your car for recording/transmitting devices or GPS trackers.

How are people tapping each other’s cell phones? Look for more information in our next blog, and we will explain about what most people don’t even know exists.

Jeff Prusan 
Consultant for CPI Investigations
President of Corporate Defense Strategies, Inc.


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Date: 2/22/2018 10:36 PM UTC

Who Is Really at Fault Behind School Shootings? 

The obvious answer of course is the shooter. There is never an excuse for these acts of violence and their subsequent casualties and deaths. But what motivates these young people to commit mass murders of their own classmates in their own schools?

Is it all of those violent video games? Studies have proven that even the most violent video games do not make people violent. And let’s face it, the mere availability of certain types of guns does not make people start shooting other people. Handguns, rifles, and shotguns have been around in one form or another for over a century.

Perhaps the fault lies in the bullying, ostracizing, and online (and in-person) harassment of students by other students. The internet has become the accomplice, by creating an anonymous means of trolling and generally just messing with people. Nowhere is this more of a problem than within the microcosm of middle and high school.

Teenagers have a reputation for being particularly mean-spirited towards each other, particularly in middle and high school. It has been suggested that it is this extreme form of harassment that drives kids to become loners, and loners that desire to extract revenge against fellow classmates, often in a violent way. The school becomes their stage for revenge.

Instead of directing their blame at the gun lobby, maybe some of these cliques should consider the feelings of the kids that they have targeted for harassment. Perhaps they should look to themselves, the exclusion of their “uncool” classmates from school activities, the deliberate bullying and isolation of other kids not in their group of “cool” kids.

For it is the isolation, the bullying, and the harassment that drives some kids to extract revenge against their own classmates.

Jeff Prusan 
Consultant for CPI Investigations  http://www.privatedetectiveny.com
President of Corporate Defense Strategies Inc

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Date: 2/19/2018 6:43 PM UTC



Ensuring the Privacy of Your Conversations Sweeping for Room Bugs and Detecting Telephone Wiretaps "...arguably the most valuable commodity in the world...information" Information is everything. Information is money. Information is power, control, and in the hands of the truly desperate; information is even used for extortion. In divorce and custody cases involving high net-worth individuals, it is not uncommon for one party to turn to electronic (usually illegal) surveillance, to obtain the information they want that they would never have had the ability to obtain by any other means. Below are examples of eavesdropping devices that are inexpensive, readily available, and are often used to spy on spouse-adversaries in matrimonial cases. 

GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles- surreptitiously reveal your location in real-time on a computer. Requires NO installation. Room Bugs that transmit conversation up to 30' concealed in an appliance (TV, iPhone charger, etc.) that runs on electricity, and transmits to a cellphone anywhere. Sometimes an item like this is given as a gift to their child, and the unwary recipient plugs it into an outlet. Typically it is placed in the bedroom or living room, offering the spy a target rich environment. It will operate "forever" because it doesn't need batteries.

A (Trojan Horse) virus is introduced into your cell phone. The would-be Hacker does not need access to your physical phone. This turns your own cellphone against you. It uses your cell phone's microphone to transmit your cellular telephone and room conversations. It commandeers the phone's built-in camera to transmit video in real time, showing what is going on in the area where the phone is positioned (car? office? bedroom dresser?) It notifies the spy every time you get a call by text so they can listen in live. It gets worse... The cost for this superbug? $25,000.? More? No. It's only $350.00 How much money is that worth to an unscrupulous individual trying to get a "leg up" divorce? Hidden cameras are so cheap, so small, and transmit such high-quality pictures - your home/office could have 3 in every room. Yet you will never find them unless you have a professional sweep team on your side. There are people that call themselves "experts" in the field of eavesdropping detection that will miss those cameras too. The hidden cameras are that well-concealed.. Years ago, bugs were mostly cheap radio transmitters that sent low-quality room audio to a nearby spy's FM Radio Receiver and modified "extended recording time" cassette tape recorder.

Telephones were tapped with the same cassette recorders. The recorders were "slowed down" by the Mission Impossible types who sold this crap. Instead of recording half an hour on one side of a tape, they could record at least five hours per side. The cassette recorders were connected to the phone by a cheap device, called a Drop-Out Relay sold by every electronic retailer under the pretense of it being called an "Automatic Telephone Secretary". It was legal to sell, and sell they did - by the millions because it would record for your convenience all of your "business calls, sales orders, conferences". Every time you pick up your telephone to talk or answer the phone the drop-out relay will start the cassette recorder. When you hang up, it stops it, ready to record again, whether you know about it or not. These types of phone taps were easily detected; the equipment was obvious, large, recognizable, and decidedly out-of-place connected anywhere on the phone system Fast forward (pun intended) to today: all the latest and greatest spy shop devices and toys are available online. No longer do snoops and spies have to travel to a large city with a suitcase full of cash to buy ridiculously over-priced spy toys. These devices capable of amazingly accurate voice and video transmission, are available to anyone with a Post Office Box and a MasterCard:

Whole House Bugs and Phone Taps on Unlimited International Cellular Telephone Plans, GPS Personal Trackers, Computer Key-stroke Loggers, Wireless High Def Cameras and DVRs with a STORAGE Capacity of 3 years. Only a fully-equipped sweep team has the technical ability to assure you that these devices are or are not present. If you look online at these "spy shops" you will also see "Countermeasures" devices for sale. These same spy shops that sell illegal eavesdropping devices are also selling toys that are just over-priced, fragile imported junk...they also rarely work. We bought a bunch of assorted counter-spy products for testing. The advertising said things about them that were too good to be true. They lied. This stuff was junk. Some of these trinkets didn't even turn on or even just light up after fresh batteries were installed - right out of the box. The others buzzed or beeped for no apparent reason. They didn't work. Not even a little. When we tried to bench test them, the low quality plastic cases revealed some cheap electronic parts; transistors, rectifiers, resistors soldered on a project board. They looked like they were assembled by a Scout trying to earn a Merit Badge. These toys or any other junk sold at a Spy Shop, will NOT protect you from eavesdropping.  Neither will the guy who comes in by himself, waves a "wand" around the room, tells you it will find everything, and leaves in 10 minutes. The point is, nothing replaces the expertise, experience, and the eavesdropping Countermeasures Equipment, that our Sweep Team uses to protect our client's privacy. Over 30 years of experience We utilize the services of the most advanced Forensic Computer Services Laboratory.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Prusan is our TSCM consultant.  He is the Proprietor for Corporate Defense Strategies with thirty years experience

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Date: 2/12/2018 12:17 AM UTC


Private Investigators can be an invaluable aid in providing information to help leverage an attorney's case by finding creative and efficient ways to come out ahead of his/her adversary.

Child custody is an issue that affects everybody involved.  Mom, dad, children and other family members.  New York State law acknowledges two types of child custody cases:

Legal Custody - the right to make important decisions for the child.  Legal decisions would be those which involve where a child will attend school, the religion of the child and what healthcare the child receives.

Physical Custody - purely where the child will live.


When you are facing a vicious or dangerous person on the other side of a child custody case, you may want to hire a private investigator in this field to help in your fight to win custody or renegotiate your originally agreed terms.  You might also be able to reduce your child support.

Private Investigators can conduct surveillance in order to document dangerous behavior i.e. spouse driving intoxicated, spouse speeding and running lights, driving erratically and/or picking up drugs with the child in the car. 

Private Investigators can also monitor parenting time to make sure there is compliance with the custody agreement. In extreme cases, investigators can look into false accusations of child abuse.

In conclusion, changes in circumstances may warrant changes in legal custody, physical custody, and child support.  Private Investigators can provide the ammunition attorneys need to win your case.

About the Author:

default picture.jpg

Judd Bank is the President of CPI Investigations, a multi-dimensional private investigative firm operating in Manhattan and New Jersey for over 30 years.

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Date: 4/3/2014 4:44 PM UTC

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Date: 7/11/2013 8:04 PM UTC

Tips From a New York City Private Eye and Consultant
We asked our friend Judd Bank of CPI Investigations to write a primer on home and personal safety measures you can take to safeguard yourself from crime. We hope you find this information helpful as a jumping off point, to get you started thinking about ways to prevent crime from happening to you.
Home Security
As we well know, first secure all your doors and windows with proper locks.  Today’s home automation systems enable you to remotely monitor your home, lock your doors, automatically turn your lights on and off, set your alarm system and view live feed and recordings from you security cameras.
You can also consider buying a dog;  in security terms, there are two types of dogs:
  1. The watch dog. This dog can alert you as well as scare off intruders.
  2. The guard dog. These are breeds such as Mastiffs, German Sheppard’s, Dobermans, Pitbulls, etc… that have been specifically bred to protect your family and subdue intruders.
If you enter your home and a burglar is inside, it is not advisable to fight the burglar.  The best approach is to run out of your house and go to a neighbor’s house and call the police.


38 percent of stalking victims are everyday people.  Their stalkers are ex-spouses, lovers, acquaintances or strangers.  If you are being stalked:
  • Notify the police immediately and get an order of protection against the stalker.
  • Keep a journal of events and save the date and time of all things that may serve as evidence.
  • Do not try to reason or reconcile with the stalker.
  • If you think you are being followed when you are driving, make four right turns.  If the vehicle behind you does the same, try to get to the nearest police station.
  • You can hire a private investigator as a bodyguard for your personal protection.  A private investigator can also perform counter-surveillance — following you to, in essence, see if anyone is following you.
Defensive Weapons
Unless you have received proper training, any personal protection tool that you possess can be used against you.  If you feel you must carry something, check the laws of your state regarding its legality, and get proper training!  If you are not comfortable with carrying something, at the very least a whistle, some pepper spray and your cell phone should be the minimum.
Security in the Streets
The first thing that I recommend is for everyone to, at the very least, take rudimentary self-defense courses. If you are unwilling or unable to dedicate time on a regular basis to learn a proper martial art, at the very least you can arm yourself with some simple techniques that may give you those precious seconds that can allow you to escape.
Next, don’t carry more money or valuables that you cannot afford to lose. In the event you are approach by a robber, surrender your valuables; they are much easier to replace than your life.
Here are some other quick tips:
  • Walk on the side of the street facing the incoming traffic.
  • If you feel you are being followed on a deserted street, slow down or speed up or change direction to indicate to your pursuer that you are being followed.
  • When you are walking down the street, and encounter an arrest, riot, fire, brawl or other incident, don’t become a spectator; protect yourself by leaving the situation.

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