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Child Custody

…For the best interest of your child.

Child custody and visitation cases can be tough, both parties want what they perceive to be the best for their child and are often unhappy with the court’s decision.

 In a dispute determining the custody of a minor, most courts are usually guided by one standard - the best interest of the child. If it is not in the best interest of the child to be in the custody of one parent or grandparent, the other parent or grandparent will be awarded guardianship of the child.

Our expert child custody investigators can provide evidence during our investigation which can aid in your court case. We can discreetly follow your spouse or ex-spouse during their scheduled visitation to determine unlawful or inappropriate activity.

We also will perform criminal, child abuse and sex offender checks and look for judgment and bankruptcy records.

Changes in circumstances may warrant a change in child support calculations. We can provide your attorney with information that may assist you in your case.

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