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Corporate Surveillance

…are your corporate secrets compromised?
Can your business afford not to know?

CPI will discreetly monitor activities within your business or within industries associated with your business. Our goal is to protect the interests of your company.

Since it is not possible for "one approach fits all" strategies to meet the needs of every corporate problem; below we will list some of our key services.

Perimeter Video Surveillance
Our detectives are equipped to handle all surveillance situations in all environments. We combine experience innovation, with the latest equipment and technology to create the most effective service possible. Call us for a free consultation.                                                                 

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
Competitive Intelligence
Counter Espionage - Covert Operations
Loss Prevention & Fraud, theft and Embezzlement
Thefts from external Sources
Intellectual Property Investigation
Undercover Employee Investigation
Pre-employment Investigation
Undercover Employee Investigation
Personal Injury/Sickness Abuse Surveillance
Security Planning and Security Systems
Internal Investigations
Pre-Employment Screening

Business Leaders...End the discord! Let the truth set you FREE!
You should understand that what you don't
 know can hurt your business and probably will!

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