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Sweeping for Room Bugs and Scanning for Telephone Wiretaps


It has been said that the most valuable commodity in the world is information.

Information is everything. Information is money. Information is power, control, and in the hands of the truly desperate; information is even used for extortion. In divorce and custody cases involving high net-worth individuals, it is not uncommon for one party to turn to electronic (usually illegal) surveillance, to obtain the information they want that they would never have the ability to obtain by any other means. Below are examples of eavesdropping devices that are inexpensive, readily available, and are often used to spy on spouse-adversaries in matrimonial cases.

GPS Tracking Devices - show your location in real-time on a computer. Require NO installation.
Room Bugs that transmit conversation up to 30' concealed in an appliance (tv, iPhone charger, etc.) that run on electricity, and transmit to a cellphone anywhere. Sometimes an item like this is given as a gift to their child, and the unwary recipient plugs it in to an outlet. Typically it is placed in the bedroom or living room, offering the spy a target rich environment. It will operate "forever" because it doesn't need batteries.
A (Trojan Horse) virus is introduced into your cellphone. The would-be Hacker does not need access to your physical phone. This turns your own cellphone against you. It uses your cellphone's microphone to transmit your cellular telephone and room conversations. It commandeers the phone's built-in camera to transmit video in real time, showing what is going on in the area where the phone is positioned (car? office? bedroom dresser?) It notifies the spy every time you get a call by text, so they can listen in live. It gets worse... The cost for this super bug? $25,000.? More? No. It's only $350.00 How much money is that worth to an unscrupulous individual trying to get a "leg up" divorce?
Hidden cameras are so cheap, so small, and transmit such high quality pictures - your home/office could have 3 in every room. Yet you will never find them unless you have a professional sweep team on your side. There are people that call themselves "experts" in the field of eavesdropping detection that will miss those cameras too. The hidden cameras are that well-concealed..

Years ago, bugs were mostly cheap radio transmitters that sent low-quality room audio to a nearby spy's FM Radio Receiver, and modified "extended recording time" cassette tape recorder. Telephones were tapped with the same cassette recorders. The recorders were "slowed down" by the Mission Impossible types who sold this crap. The cassette recorders were connected to the phone by a cheap device, called a Drop-Out Relay sold by every electronic retailer under the pretense of "Automatic Telephone Secretary". It was legal to sell, and sell they did - by the millions, because it would record for your convenience all of your "business calls, sales orders, conferences". Every time you pick up your telephone to talk or answer the phone, the drop-out relay will start the cassette recorder. When you hang up, it stops it, ready to record again, whether you know about it or not. These types of phone taps were easily detected; the equipment was obvious, large, recognizable, and decidedly out-of-place connected anywhere on the phone system

Fast forward (pun intended) to today: all the latest and greatest spy shop devices and toys are available online. No longer do snoops and spies have to travel to a large city with a suitcase full of cash to buy ridiculously over-priced spy toys. These devices capable of amazingly accurate voice and video transmission, are available to anyone with a Post Office Box and a MasterCard: Whole House Bugs and Phone Taps on Unlimited International Cellular Telephone Plans, eGPS Personal Trackers, Computer Key-stroke Loggers, Wireless High Def Cameras and DVRs with a STORAGE Capacity of 3 years. Only a fully-equipped sweep team has the technical ability to assure you that these devices are or are not present. If you look online at these "spy shops" you will also see "Countermeasures" devices for sale. These same spy shops that sell illegal eavesdropping devices, are also selling toys that are just over-priced,fragile imported junk...they also rarely work.

We bought 10 assorted counter-spy products for testing. The advertising said things about them that were too good to be true. They lied. This stuff was junk. Some of these trinkets didn't even turn on or even just light up after fresh batteries were installed - right out of the box. The others buzzed or beeped for no apparent reason. They didn't work. Not even a little. When we tried to bench test them, the low quality plastic cases revealed some cheap electronic parts; transistors, rectifiers, resistors soldered on a project board. They looked like they were assembled by a Scout trying to earn a Merit Badge. These toys or any other junk sold at a Spy Shop, will NOT protect you from eavesdropping. Neither will the guy who comes in by himself, waves a "wand" around the room, tells you it will find everything, and leaves in 10 minutes.

The point is, nothing replaces the expertise, experience, and the eavesdropping Countermeasures Equipment, that our Sweep Team uses to protect our client's privacy.

Over 30 years of experience
We utilize the services of the most advanced Forensic Computer
Services Laboratory in The United States.
Fully Equipped - Over $300,000.00 worth of Detection Electronics
Licensed and Bonded
Comprehensive Written Report via Next Day FedEx
Photographic and Digital Video Recording of Evidence
Law Enforcement Liaison at your request

Computer Security
Hard Drive Copying
Recovery of Deleted or "Lost" Data

De-bugging and Room Sweeps for Illegal Transmitters
Wired and wireless cameras
Hidden Microphones and Tape Recorders
Concealed Cellular Transmitters
Frequency Hopping Transmitters

Telephone Taps
Infinity and Harmonica Taps
Remote start Cellular Taps
Auto-start Digital Recorders
Service Observation Units
Grey-box Taps
Green Can Taps
Telephone Taps up to 2,500 feet from your location
Cordless Phone Scanning

Cell Phones
Recovery of Deleted/Lost Data
Preservation of Evidence
Device Seizure
Permanent Removal of Eavesdropping Software

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