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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use CPI Investigations? We are staffed with professional investigators with over 25 years of experience. Our firm is fully insured bonded and licensed in New York.

2. Will there be updates and reporting as my case progresses? There are frequent contacts and at your discretion there may be interim reports. At the close of the case a full report will be furnished along with any photographs, videos and evidential materials obtained.

3. How do we get started? A meeting will be set up at your convenience and at a location which provides you with comfort and confidentiality. Your questions will be discussed and answered. Options and suggestions will be offered and an agreement made.

4. How soon will you begin after our agreement? We will plan the start together.

5. My lawyer says he will handle everything. Why do I need an investigator? We have the utmost respect for law professionals and often work in cooperation with them. Our state licensed investigators protect your interests, since they are trained, experienced and abide by the regulations of their profession. Unlicensed people can cripple your efforts and may even be in violation of state laws.

6. What if you lose your subject under surveillance? Our record is excellent in regards to this matter. However, on occasion a difficult scenario may arise. For example, if the investigator senses that the subject has “ made” him or her or begins acting as if he or she was being watched – the investigator may break off at this time. This preserves the integrity of your case.

7. How about my brother helping with surveillance? Family members may wish to be supportive. We believe they should support you with love and respect. They can in fact, be accused of stalking the subject. This could lead to legal and criminal actions as well as the possibility of compromising your case.

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