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The results of a polygraph examination can change your life.  You must make sure you hire a qualified polygraph examiner.  The reliability and validity of your exam will depend on the polygraph examiners qualifications and experience.

BEWARE, there are individuals that claim they are polygraph examiners without any formal training and do not have the ability to conduct and analyize a proper polygraph examination. 

The following is a checklist to assist you in finding a qualified polygraph examiner:

1.    Your Examiner should have graduated from an accredited school.  You can verify this with the American Polygraph Association.

2.    Your Examiner should have professional affiliations and memberships.  The most recognized and prestigious organizations is the American Polygraph Association.  Your Examiner should be a full member of that association.  The American Association of Police Polygraphists is also a highly respected organization. 

3.    Your examiner should have many years of experience. He should have a minimum of 15 years.

4.    Your Examiner should at one time, have conducted polygraph examinations for an agency such as the District Attorneys Office, Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Central Intelligence Agency and Drug Enforcement Agencies. Your Examiner should have testified in criminal cases and be formally recognized by the judicial system.

5.   Since polygraph exams are a psychophysiologicalhttp://www.privatedetectiveny.com/ technique, examiners should pocess at least a Bachelor of Art Degree in Psychology.

6.   Your Examiner should use a computerized polygraph instrument.

Remember, not all polygraph examiners are equal.  When choosing a polygraph examiner, NEVER base your choice on price alone.  Do not risk your life on hiring individuals who have taken home study courses who are not properly qualified.

You should choose your polygraph examiner with the same care that you would choose your surgeon or attorney.


Judd Bank is the President of CPI Investigations, a Private detective Agency with operating offices in both New York and New Jersey.  Mr. Bank was the former Detective and Chief Polygraph Examiner for the Queens District Attorneys Office.  Mr. Bank has been performing polygraph examination for over 28 years and has conducted high profile cases.  Mr. Bank has lectured many times on the subject of polygraph for the Queens Bar Association.  New York Legal Aid use Mr. Bank as their most highly respected polygraph examiner.

Mr. Bank represents over 300 defense attorney firms.  Mr. Bank also participated in many corporate investigations and highly confidential cases.

Mr. Bank can be reached at:  CPI INVESTIGATIONS - phone #:  (212) 822-3424 or visit us at
CPI INVESTIGATIONS website: http://www.privatedetectiveny.com/

…are you Frustrated? Confused? Angry?
Disappointed? Uninformed? Insecure?

CPI Investigations provides clients with closure to unpleasant or questionable concerns. The results of a Polygraph Examinations bring forth the facts in your case – allowing you to find harmony and peace in matters of deep concern.

Our examinations are varied and customized to fit the needs of the individual client. Testing may be conducted at one of our facilities or one chosen by the client.

We specialize in Civil Cases, which include but are not limited to…
Infidelity, Pre Nuptial, Divorce and Child Custody.

We specialize in Criminal Cases, which include but are not limited to…
Theft, Sexual Misconduct, and False Accusations.

We specialize in Corporate Cases, which include but are not limited to…
Losses, Intellectual Property Theft, and Stolen Propertry.

End the discord! Let the truth set you FREE!

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