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Pre-marital private investigations are very common in today’s modern time. You may not fully realize what may be at stake for you and your family. Perhaps you are a parent trying to protect your daughter or son from making a faulty decision. Or perhaps you want to assure them that this vital decision is the right decision and predicated upon known facts. Facts you all deserve to know. While some people believe it is easy to Google a person’s name to find out about them, that just isn’t enough. If you are having doubts, suspicions, or just want to make sure you are making the right decision with this significant other, let CPI Investigations help.

Remember, it’s better safe than sorry.

Here are some matters to ponder: After meeting that seemingly special person everyone may feel happy and satisfied… moving forward, however things aren’t what they seem to be and you have nagging questions such as:

  • What is his or her former marriage status?
  • What is his or her employment record? Is he/she currently employed?
  • Are there children they omitted to tell you about?
  • Is he/she truthful about their level of education?
  • Is there a criminal or a negative financial history?
  • Where are the testimonials regarding this person’s character?

Our detectives are here to help you uncover the most intricate information and more. We will conduct your pre-nuptial background investigation in a discreet and thorough manner. We will design the perfect strategy to uncover your most serious concerns.

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