CPI Investigations


 Do you question whether you are hiring the best suited employee, or partnering with the most ideal investor?  

If your business or firm experienced an economic loss through theft or embezzlement, we can help identify the culprits through our extensive investigative techniques.

Information is the most valuable asset a business person can possess.  We can help your firm obtain an edge over your competitors. Our private investigators gather valuable information for businesses and individuals in a professional and confidential matter.

CPI Investigations will discreetly respond to your most unmanageable problems enabling your organization to be in a secure vindicable position creating a safer and more secure environment. 

Our Corporate Investigative Division are experts in uncovering civil and criminal fraud, patent-  infringement, embezzlement, cyber-crime, non-compliance agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non- competition agreements and many other activities.  We are proficient at conducting both internal and external investigations for companies and organizations.

During our internal investigations we investigate events and activities such as inappropriate use of social media, employee theft, drug abuse, and sexual harassment. 

An external investigation can mitigate corporate losses and risks through obtaining information from witnesses, or by uncovering dishonest behavior minimizing false workman’s compensation claims and other general lawsuits.  

CPI Investigations team will help your business protect its integrity and reputation.