CPI Investigations


What Can We Do For You?


Adultery/Infidelity - Cheating Wife, Cheating Husband, Cheating Spouse, Infidelity... Whatever you label it as, being the victim of a cheating spouse or partner is one of the most devastating and painful situations that can happen to you.

Missing Persons – Our specialists can help you locate missing children, adoptees, runaways, witnesses, missing heirs, and deadbeat spouses. The most rewarding for us is reuniting lost children with their families.

Polygraph/Lie Detection - We provide polygraph testing which provides closure to unpleasant or questionable circumstances. Our examinations are of a vast variety and custom tailored to fit each one of our client’s individual needs.

Corporate Surveillance – We have a team of surveillance agents who are well trained and equipped to observe and follow at the client’s request.

Child Custody – We assist families and attorneys in investigating their custody concerns.

Fraud/Theft – We work with security and law enforcement to bring about resolution to fraud and theft in the work place and for personal concerns.

Pre-employment Screenings/Background Checks - Background checks and drug testing are essential when making hiring decisions. In addition, an applicant’s personality, character and work style must be assessed and considered in order to evaluate a candidates qualifications.

Undercover – We have a team of specially trained individuals who perform these highly specialized activities.

Computer Forensics – We are able to provide precision computer investigations, including cell/smart phones.

Security Interviews - Reducing employee theft begins with hiring the most honest employee for the job.

Security Systems - To keep your business profitable it needs protection – to keep your family safe you need a reliable security system.

Question Documents – Our expert investigator has decades of experience authenticating signatures and documents.

Debugging/Electronic Detection - This is a specialized service known as a Technical Surveillance Counters-Measures. TSCM includes all counter measures employed to prevent or detect the interception of sensitive, classified, or private information.

Unique and Unusual Cases – There are circumstances where individuals may be involved in bizarre actions.